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Five Easy

Steps to Leasing

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400 South 4th Street
130 Grain Exchange Building
Minneapolis, MN 55415

ph: 612-321-7101 or
toll free: 1-800-827-4746



Five Easy Steps to Leasing

Leasing space in the Grain Exchange Buildings is a simple process

done through the Real Estate Department. It takes just five easy

steps to become a tenant of the Grain Exchange Buildings. Please

review the steps.



                                                                                                            Blake Tiedeman

                                                                            MGEX Director of Real Estate



                                                                                   Locate your business at 4th Street and

                                                                   4th Avenue, a historic downtown location.


Contact Blake Tiedeman, MGEX Director of Real Estate


Sample Real Estate Floor Plans

Building Brochure

MGEX Building Video

MGEX Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

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