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Market Information

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Hedging Canadian Wheat with MGEX Spring Wheat Futures

A third-party analysis offering price correlations and basis charts.



Canadian Cash Prices vs. MGEX Futures Prices


Hedging with Hard Red Spring Wheat


Protein Premium Basis

Historic basis charts for spring wheat purchased in the Pacific Northwest versus MGEX Spring Wheat Futures.


Statistics Canada

MGEX will hold conference calls complete with analyst commentary in conjunction with the release of each Stats Canada report. Media and industry are welcome to join these calls. If you would like to participate on these calls, please email us so you can be added to the list.

Recent Reports and Conference Calls can be found here.


Hard Red Spring Wheat White Paper

Updated for the 2011 crop year, this Hard Red Spring Wheat white paper outlines the prominence of spring wheat by production and export values and documents the differences between the three main wheat classes.


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