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BRIXX Commercial Real Estate Futures Now Trading

Instant access to a more liquid CRE market.



For too long, commercial real estate (CRE) has lacked a reliable, transparent trading approach. Enter BRIXX™ Commercial Real Estate Indexes. The new family of BRIXX Indexes created by Advanced Fundamentals tracks real-time changes in property values through a unique methodology with REITs as inputs, to support benchmarking, hedging and portfolio allocation strategies for investors.

BRIXX offers liquid trading across multiple sectors including Residential, Retail, Office and Hospitality.


Index Symbols

  • BRIXX Retail Index (BRIXT)
  • BRIXX Office Index (BRIXO)
  • BRIXX Hospitality Index (BRIXH)
  • BRIXX Residential Index (BRIXR)
  • BRIXX Composite Index (BRIXC)



Commercial Real Estate access with the efficiency and leverage of derivatives.

BRIXX is expanding investor opportunities with exchange-traded futures that provide instant exposure to the $16 trillion commercial real estate (CRE) market. With competitive, ultra-low exchange fees, BRIXX provides real time liquidity to the CRE sector, allowing users to enter into long or short positions to efficiently hedge real estate exposure.

With BRIXX Futures, performance reflects the underlying commercial real estate market with precise accuracy by using metrics that are relied on globally by real estate professionals.

Offered by MGEX via the CME Globex® platform. Trading Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, Central Time.



  • BRIXX Retail Futures (BXT)

  • BRIXX Office Futures (BXO)

  • BRIXX Hospitality Futures (BXH)

  • BRIXX Residential Futures (BXR)


Key benefits of BRIXX Futures:


  • Manage risk exposure with a long or short position, with a lower upfront financial commitment than buying illiquid real estate or equities with exposure to the real estate sector.

  • Protect real estate portfolios from changing market conditions using customized strategies to match sector allocations and holding periods.

  • Put capital to work instantly as the derivative prices are based on the real-time prices sourced from over $750 billion of institutional quality commercial real estate investment holdings.

  • Trade in transparent, regulated markets with central clearing. BRIXX Futures are listed on MGEX and cleared through MGEX Clearing.


Contact mgex@mgex.com to trade BRIXX Futures.


BRIXX Options

BRIXX Options will trade on MIAX. Multiple strategies and payout profiles can be created through the use of options for both the hedger and the speculator. Give your portfolio an edge with 100% electronic execution that offers lower latency and higher throughput.

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