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Below is a list of MGEX Marketing Partners, FCM's and Clearing Members interested in helping you trade on the Exchange. The statements below are made solely by those entities. MGEX makes no representations or warranties of such and is not liable for the accuracy of the statements. 



  • Clearing Member: A member of an exchange clearinghouse responsible for the financial commitments of its customers. All trades of a non-clearing members must be registered and eventually settled through a clearing member. Please refer to the MGEX list of clearing members.
  • Futures Commission Merchant (FCM): An individual or organization that solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts or commodity options and accepts money or other assets from customers in connecton with such orders. An FCM must be registered with the CFTC.
  • Marketing Partner: An individual or organization that works jointly with MGEX to provide education and market information.


Tips for Picking a Broker

An individual looking to conduct business with a broker or brokerage firm should thoroughly research potential players before making an investment decision. All potential firms should be registered with the National Futures Association, which oversees more than 4,000 firms and 5,000 associates. For general information concerning business with brokerage firms or to check their registration status, visit the National Futures Association.

Below is a list of MGEX Marketing Partners, FCM's and Clearing Members interested in helping you trade on the Exchange.


ADM Investor Services, Inc.

ADMIS provides comprehensive futures clearing services to retail, commercial and institutional customers around the globe and around the clock.  Our branch offices, subsidiaries and affiliates are located in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Kansas City, London, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mumbai, while our Introducing Brokers operate from over 300 locations across the United States and Canada. ADMIS provides clients with extensive market analysis, exceptional customer service and swift, accurate trade execution in worldwide futures markets around the clock.


(800) 243-2649

  • Futures Commission Merchant

  • Clearing Member

  • Introducing Broker

  • Marketing Partner


Al Kluis - Kluis Commodities

Alan Kluis has been a commodity advisor and broker since 1976. He is president and managing partner of Kluis Commodities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Previously, he founded Northstar Commodities in 1991, and sold it in 2001, remaining with the new owners until 2006. Alan is one of two approved Cargill Pro-Pricing Grain managers and is an introducing broker with Rosenthal Collins Group.


(877) 388-2432

  • Introducing Broker

  • Commodity Trading Advisor
  • Marketing Partner


Allendale, Inc.

Allendale is one of the largest commodity research advisory firms in the United States and one of the few remaining brokerage firms that develops its own economic research. At their headquarters in McHenry, Illinois, analysts continually research commodities and agricultural economic developments in order to provide the worldwide data needed to inform and guide their customer accounts.


(800) 551-4626

  • Introducing Broker

  • Marketing Partner


Blackmore Commodities

At Blackmore Commodities, the customer comes first. We are a small business with a desire to help agricultural producers gain efficiencies through the use of technology and our resources. Most importantly, our clients form lasting relationships with our brokers. Since Blackmore is a small business, each and every time a client interacts with one of our brokers, they know who they are dealing with. At Blackmore, you are not just another account, you are a valued client.

As a guaranteed introducing broker for R.J. O'brien, your funds are safe and secure. Blackmore Commodities offers three levels of service, which are; self-directed, broker-assisted, and full-service to meet our clients' needs. For more information, please visit our website:


(844) 684-9199

  • Introducing Broker

Bower Trading, Inc.

Bower Trading is a full service commodities brokerage that is dedicated to serving investors and hedgers of all varieties. Investors of all types, both seasoned and beginning, can benefit from the commodities markets with both hedging and speculative accounts. The markets offer a chance for great excitement and financial diversification when used properly and within one's means.


(800) 533-8045

  • Introducing Broker

  • Commodity Trading Advisor

  • Commodity Pool Operator



CHS Hedging LLC

CHS Hedging, LLC is a full-service risk management consultant and commodities broker providing customized marketing strategies and educational services to farmers, ranchers and commercial agribusinesses through 60 branch offices across the Eastern Corn Belt, Midwest and Pacific Northwest.



  • Futures Commission Merchant
  • Clearing Member
  • Marketing Partner


Frontier Futures

Frontier Futures, Inc

We are your spring wheat experts. Frontier Futures, Inc. provides futures and options execution services, as well as comprehensive risk management solutions to the agricultural community. Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Frontier Futures is an independent, family-owned business serving the commodities trading industry since 1984. Here at the MGEX branch office, we have been serving a select group of market participants for over 20 years.



  • Introducing Broker

Generic Trade Futures & Options

Generic Trade is a discount brokerage firm specializing in online futures and options trading. It offers the latest technology with unparalleled speed, reliability and functionality, provided by a cutting edge trading infrastructure. All accounts regardless of size or volume receive the same discounted commission rate and have access to direct connections with pure unfiltered data.


(800) 707-2006


J.P. Morgan Futures, Inc.

J.P. Morgan is one of the most dynamic market leaders in the futures and options brokerage business. We have been providing Research, Sales, Execution and Clearing services across fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and commodity asset classes since 1979. Today we clear more than 70 exchanges with electronic trading access to over 50 of them. 


+1 (212) 622-0339 

  • Futures Commission Merchant

  • Clearing Member


Lakefront Futures and Options, L.L.C.

Lakefront Futures and Options, L.L.C. provides traders with all of the tools they need to stay one step ahead of the competition.  We are a premier full service futures, options and managed futures brokerage firm located in the Chicago Board of Trade.  All traders and hedgers can enjoy discounted rates, excellent and reliable electronic trading platforms and 24 hour phone support.  Less experienced traders can place trades and exchange ideas with our one-on-one brokerage staff in a calm, low pressure atmosphere.  All accounts are tailored to suit your special needs.


+1 (212) 622-0339 

  • Introducing Broker

Mastel Grain Company

Mastel Grain is an R.J. O'Brien Guaranteed Introducing Broker specializing in agricultural futures and options trading. Whether you are a producer marketing grain from the farm or an elevator manager hedging future commitments, Mastel Grain will provide the services you need to ensure success. Our firm provides clients with top notch market research and order execution as well as access to today's most cutting edge trading software. With competitive commission rates and over 30 years in the industry, Mastel Grain is the wise choice when selecting a futures broker.

(612) 332-8807

  • Introducing Broker

Midwest Market Solutions

Midwest Market Solutions is the leading edge in commodity marketing and trading and is widely recognized as one of the top marketing advisory and brokerage firms in America. Midwest Market Solutions was established in March of 2002 and is a full- service commodity brokerage and marketing advisory service, clearing through R.J. O’Brien.


(866) 203-9655

  • Introducing Broker

  • Marketing Partner




Moneyheffer Commodities

Moneyheffer Commodities is a full service commodity brokerage equipped with the latest in electronic technology to better handle the trading needs of both the beginning investor and the seasoned trader.


(866) 462-5144

  • Introducing Broker

  • Marketing Partner


The Price Futures Group, Inc.

At the Price Futures Group, our analyst and futures broker specialists are industry veterans that can provide assistance with the complete range of exchange traded futures products including both futures and options. Aligning with the world’s top clearing firms, trading advisors, strategy architects, technology vendors, and global exchanges, gives our clients access to the broadest array of futures and options products in the industry. Our objective is to empower our clients with essential trading ideas, exclusive research on specific markets, and the necessary educational tools.

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(800) 769-7021 

  • Introducing Broker


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StoneX Financial Inc.

StoneX Financial Inc. has commodities clearing roots dating back to 1924 and is a full clearing FCM registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association. We are a recognized industry leader in servicing floor traders, commercial and institutional clients, professional trading groups, IB's and CTA's. Our staff of highly dedicated industry professionals is focused solely on providing timely and efficient order executions, direct market access, consistent value added service, and precise accounting.  


*Futures Commission Merchant

*Clearing Member

(800) 422-3087

Zaner Group, LLC.

For the past 27 years, Zaner has been helping futures traders trade faster, smarter and easier. They offer both online self-directed trading services (with a choice of 12 online trading platforms) and full service futures brokerage for those seeking a traditional broker-client relationship.


*Introducing Broker

*Commodity Trading Advisor

*Commodity Pool Operator

*Marketing Partner

(800) 621-1414


*An Introducing Broker is a firm or individual that executes trades for customers, but does not accept money, securities or property from the customer. An IB must carry all its accounts through a FCM.

*A Commodity Trading Advisor is a firm or individual that directly or indirectly advises others about trading futures and options contracts.

*A Commodity Pool Operator is a firm or individual that operates or solicits funds for an enterprise that combines funds from a number of people to trade futures or options.

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